ALL The Feels!


I'm feeling ALL the feels!!!! This is honestly so surreal and I'm finding it difficult to put it all into words. Let me tell y'all, this was NOT easy, but I am certainly convinced that it will be well worth it. I have procrastinated, made excuses, and talked myself out of making moves for so long, but finally I said enough is enough! I know that God has instilled way too much inside of me for me to just sit by not producing.

After going over all the reasons why I couldn't do it, in May of this year I launched my first book "My Confessions of Faith: 31 Days to Activate the Power of Your Words" (available for purchase in the Faith Shop). Once the book was published and released I honestly felt like there was nothing I couldn't accomplish. I'll admit that I'm still very nervous, but I refuse to go backwards. I have purpose and I'm here to fulfill it. Thank you for joining me, and I pray that you enjoy the ride.

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