Happiness Is My Right

Happy: feeling or showing pleasure or contentment

Hey Friends!

So y'all know that I love to share my own personal stories/testimonies with y'all! Not only do I love to be able to help people with real life situations, but sharing is also therapeutic for ME! I often say that I am my own worst critic, and I know that I can be super hard on myself. I realize that I am always striving to attain a certain level of perfection (whether or not it's realistic lol), or even contentment. I struggle with believing that I am good enough. I often sit and wait for the other shoe to drop, and honestly I wonder if I even know how to be happy! I've found myself looking externally for fulfillment and validation, when everything I need is already inside of me!

Earlier today something was said to me that caused me to pause, assess, and determine to shift my mindset.

"Perfection is not real". When I tell you that thing stopped me in my tracks. It was like in that moment for the first time I felt ok with NOT striving for perfection, & I felt at peace. I'm over here striving & stressing & sabotaging my own happiness, and FOR WHAT??? Well slowly, but surely I'm getting over that! I'm determined to find & do what brings me happiness, contentment, and peace.

Friend, you have a RIGHT to be happy, but more importantly, your happiness is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Let's work together to let go of all of the things that don't serve us and bring us true happiness. Find something that makes you smile, brings you joy, or puts you in a place of peace and do more of that.

I'm here for you & I'd love you keep sharing this journey with you.

~Shakira Nicole

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