I Have Influence

Today I confess: I have influence

Influence is defined as the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. As a school counselor, navigating both virtual & in-person learning has been an interesting adventure to say the least! Ensuring that I am spending adequate time with my virtual and in-person students is challenging, but I'm getting through! In all the work that I do with the kids I often find myself wondering if I am actually getting through to them. I wonder if the things that I'm saying, the things that I'm teaching them is really working.

Like "hello, are you listening to me?" (elementary school is a struggler y'all lol). Well yesterday, I popped into one of my kids' homeroom and I was pleasantly surprised when HE requested to go into a breakout room with me! And once we were in the breakout room, he was able to articulate what he needed! Listen, when I tell you I was so proud! That may be small to some, but for me that was major. You see I have been working with this "teammate" since 1st grade, and he is now in 3rd grade. So for the past 2 years we have been working on voicing our needs, advocating for ourselves, and making better choices.

In that moment I was reminded that I actually have influence. The things that I say and do are actually producing change! No matter how insignificant I may think my actions are, they are actually producing change for me, and for those I'm connected to. I realize that I have to stop downplaying my greatness (and I'm not saying that to be cocky). Whether I believe it or not, I have a lot to offer the world, and it's time that I start acting like it.

So today I offer you the same advice, quit downplaying your greatness & realize that there is something wonderful inside of you. The most seemingly insignificant things, can have the greatest impact on others. Your influence may be in the school system, or it could be in the boardroom, or even your local church or community organization. No matter where you are stationed in life, trust and believe that you have been gifted with a certain level of influence. So, what are you doing with the influence you've been given?

Drop me a line in the comments & let's chat!

~Shakira Nicole

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