I'll Keep Pushing

Today I confess: I’ll keep pushing...

Ok y'all I need to admit something. In the midst of celebrating the release of my first book & now my website, I quickly began to feel discouraged and self-doubt started to creep in. I began questioning myself & feel unsure of the moves I've ben making. Is this the right step? Are people paying attention? Will this thing actually be fruitful? What else can I do to make it better? So many thoughts; so many questions!

I realize that this is how the enemy plays on me. Self-doubt is REAL & as much as I do my best to encourage others I have my own struggles (which is how My Confessions of Faith was birthed in the first place).

Well today I am pushing myself OUT of that headspace and confessing over myself that I will keep pushing! I have become increasingly more aware of myself, and every day I choose to make a conscious decision not to sabotage my destiny with thoughts of self-doubt.

The things I share & do are not for ME, or to benefit me. It’s all to bless & benefit others, so I can’t afford to doubt, but instead I have to keep pushing so that others will continue to be blessed. Thanks for allowing me to be transparent & for always rocking with me. This faith thing is a JOURNEY & I’m glad to have y’all along for the ride!

What are you confessing today? Drop me a line in the comments and let's chat!

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