I Release It...

Hey Friends!

The past few weeks have been stressful and overwhelming to say the least. There have been so many things on my mind and in my heart that have been weighing me down and honestly I didn't realize how stressed I was feeling because through it all I just kept pushing through. Once I have my mind on something, it is really hard for me to shake it. Not to mention that I have a bad habit of trying to control everything and figure it all out from beginning to end, like I try to figure out EVERY possible outcome. How will this work if I do A, or what if I choose B, or what if this is NOT actually what I'm supposed to be doing? I mean my thoughts just start running away with me and it becomes a little ridiculous to be honest.

I realized that when things are weighing heavily on my mind, my entire demeanor tends to change and it's rather noticeable to those around me, or at least to those closest to me, like ummmm ma'am what is going on with you lol.

Needless to say I'm working on it lol because it's really not cool for me to allow my thoughts, feelings, and emotions to control me, so y'all pray for me!

Anyway, I was thumbing through my book earlier and I stopped at this one confession: "I Release It". At the end of the confession I wrote "I release myself from overwhelming expectations" and that thing hit me like a ton of bricks! See, in addition to wanting to be in control I am rather hard on myself and hold myself to high, sometimes unreasonable expectations, causing me unnecessary stress. Reading this particular confession reminded me that sometimes I need to just RELEASE IT! Release myself of stress, tension, worry, doubt, control, high expectations, and the like. I find myself continuously reminding myself that I can't control everything & I certainly won't always live up to the expectations I place on myself, or even the expectations others place on me.

You may be able to identify with me and don't know how to release it. Well, join me on this journey and maybe we can help one another. For me, releasing it starts with acknowledging that there is something I need to actually let go of, making myself aware that there is something I'm holding onto. The rest of it I'm figuring out lol.

One thing I do know is that as a follower of Christ, the Bible tells me to give all my cares to God because He cares for me. So today, stop holding on & stressing yourself about every situation and/or decision. Let it go & allow God to be in control. Release yourself from the mental prison. Learn to relax and allow things to just BE. God is not “out to get you” if you don’t choose the “right“ path because ultimately He works everything out for our good.

It’s a rough road at times, however, slowly but surely I am releasing it. What do you need to release? Drop me a line in the comments & let's chat!

~Shakira Nicole

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