Self-Care 101

Hey Friends!

Self-care is a catchphrase that we are hearing about more & more often these days. The first time I can ever remember hearing the phrase "self-care" was in grad school. I was studying to become a social worker and the school I attended seriously stressed the importance of self-care. So much so that we had an entire "Self-Care Week"! As budding social workers and therapists, the school admins understood (better than we did) how vital self-care would be to our overall well-being entering this field. Now I have to admit, over the years I have definitely fell off the self-care wagon and my own well-being has taken a backseat.

Slowly but surely I have been getting better at taking care of myself first and doing those things that will serve me well and bring me peace. As we've now entered into this new year I have decided to be more intentional about not only my self-care but also about helping others. So here's a small list I've compiled with a few of my favorite, practical self-care tips. Read them and then let me know some of your faves! What works for you? I'll see you in the comments!



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